D&D 5e Background: Plane-Exiled


You originate from a region of the outer planes but were cast out to and reconstituted in a mortal body, losing all powers and attributes of your previous form but retaining scattered flashes of who you were and of those you knew. Your first memory with your new body is of waking up alone with no material possessions except a few mysterious trinkets, clues to your past.


Skill Proficiencies
Arcana, Religion

Abyssal, Celestial

A non-magical neckpiece holding a small vial of ichor (or blood), three precious stones worth 10gp each, and 20 Electrum pieces.

Feature: Planar Link
When you meditate, you can receive visions and messages from a former ally or companion from the outer planes.


Personality Traits

  1. It is always a wondrous thing to try out a new experience using my senses
  2. Physical pain always surprises me and irritates me
  3. I take everything literally and have difficulty with metaphors
  4. I try, but my social graces are mostly awkward
  5. I exude an aura of gracefulness and radiance
  6. I intimidate those around me with a dangerous presence



  1. People. The innocent should be protected from the powerful (Good)
  2. Balance. Catastrophes affect good and evil alike (Neutral)
  3. Order. Local laws, customs, and traditions must be honored (Lawful)
  4. Spite. One can take from others to replace what has been taken from one (Evil)
  5. Aspiration. I will take back what was taken from me and then some (Any)
  6. Resilience. A hard fall can only be followed by standing up again (Any)



  1. I must warn others from my plane, so they don’t suffer the same fate
  2. Recovering all of my memories is the only way I will find peace
  3. I must atone to the deity that cast me here
  4. I will take revenge on the deity that sent me here
  5. There are other exiled like me here and I must find them all
  6. A powerful relic fell along with me and it must be recovered



  1. I feel that my current station and companions are beneath me
  2. I am blunt to the point of being purposely hurtful
  3. I over-indulge in the delicacies of this world
  4. I would sacrifice too much to regain a lost memory
  5. I am being hunted by powerful rivals of my deity
  6. If I gained even a bit of my former power, I’d use it to rule

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