5e Character Sheet Remix

I really like the official 5e character sheets (downloadable HERE) but I still took a quick pass at remixing what was already there to try to find an even more streamlined layout, hopefully making it easier for new players to learn the game. I also really wanted to have a sheet that was compact and yet with plenty of room for adding additional notes and equipment stats.

What I ended up doing was to remove any space that had to do with spellcasting from the main character sheet. WotC already has a really great, separate sheet for tracking known spells and related info (not only is it better for spellcasters to have the room to track all their spells in a dedicated sheet, but non-spellcasters don’t need spend space to track that kind of information). I also removed death saves since it’s not something that is tracked very often.

Below is the remixed main character sheet. It was all done as a quick prototype in Photoshop so the resolution is not the best it could be but good enough to use as a prototype for play.

Update: Made a slight tweak to the sheet, to clarify Passive Perception.

DnD 5e Character Sheet Remix – DungeonBot


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