5e Character Sheet Remix

I really like the official 5e character sheets (downloadable HERE) but I still took a quick pass at remixing what was already there to try to find an even more streamlined layout, hopefully making it easier for new players to learn the game. I also really wanted to have a sheet that was compact and yet with plenty of room for adding additional notes and equipment stats.

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Travel for Creatures, Mounts, and Vehicles

How fast can the canals of a city be traversed in a rowboat? How long would it take to travel to the next kingdom while riding on the back of a dragon? How long did it take the party to ride the ceremonial elephants from the city gates to the royal palace?

Now includes both the D&D 5e map units version and the English Units version!

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D&D 5e Background: Plane-Exiled


You originate from a region of the outer planes but were cast out to and reconstituted in a mortal body, losing all powers and attributes of your previous form but retaining scattered flashes of who you were and of those you knew. Your first memory with your new body is of waking up alone with no material possessions except a few mysterious trinkets, clues to your past.
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