Simple Weather Lookup Chart

As I continue to make my prototype DM screen (alterations to the rather sparse 5e D&D DM screen, see the progress on it HERE), I sometimes create home-brew charts of my own. Here is a very simple weather generator for a traditional 4-season climate.

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Travel for Creatures, Mounts, and Vehicles

How fast can the canals of a city be traversed in a rowboat? How long would it take to travel to the next kingdom while riding on the back of a dragon? How long did it take the party to ride the ceremonial elephants from the city gates to the royal palace?

Now includes both the D&D 5e map units version and the English Units version!

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Fumble Chart

Critical hits bring a lot of fun to the table so you would think that critical misses could do the same. D&D now fully embraces a natural roll of 1 to be considered an automatic miss but can anything more interesting also happen? These other possible results are usually referred to as fumbles. Fumble charts are often either praised for how they introduce unpredictability to the game or maligned for being so punitive to the player characters. On paper they sound great but in practice they usually result in doubling the punishment instead of doubling the fun. Let’s see if we can come up with some “interesting failures” for a fumble chart.

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